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It's not the years in your life. It's the life in your years.

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The Product

RUOK is an integrated system using television, mobile applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable older people to remain at home for longer. By connecting the RUOK set-top box to a standard Television, RUOK enables older people and their carers to address three of the key issues of independent living, namely medication management, physical well-being and the problem of social isolation.

Key Features

Tag TV

Tag TV

This feature is a revolutionary new idea which allows an older person to watch TV with peers of family remotely. Imagine watching a football match with your grandkids who live in a different city.



This is a feature that helps older people to remember tasks and events. They can manage those tasks themselves or they can ask the caregiver to do it for them through the mobile phone app.



Through this feature, the older person can keep in contact with loved ones no matter the distance by video chatting directly through the TV.

A Mobile Phone App for the Carer

This extra feature allows the older person real time communication to the carer. The system can provide reminders about medication and notifies the app owner (son, daughter or the carer) in the event of the older person has missed the medication (or any other reminder for that matter).

Internet of Things (IoT)

Another key feature of the system is that we have developed an API that allows us to seamlessly integrate the disparate care devices that exist on the market today. For example 3rd party devices such as falling detectors or pressure sensing mats can wirelessly connect to our system and send event based notifications. Our system identifies the sensor and the associated event and triggers a push notification on the carer's mobile phone in case of an emergency.

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The Team

We learned that in order to get a real solution, we need a blend of cross-disciplines. The team consists of members of different disciplines, software developers and product designers. It allowed us to push the technology while keeping the users and their needs central.
The product idea first came from Gabriel whose grandfather suffered from Parkinson's disease.

Gabriel Cioflica

Gabriel Cioflica

(Software Developer)

With his engineering background, Gabriel built the natural user interaction into the main App and integrated the IoT (internet of things) into the system.


Killian McCormack

(Software Developer)

Killian applied his skills to create the video TAG features and implemented the system's cloud facilities.

Together Gabriel and Killian created the Phone App and Reminders feature, while Damien and Linzi (product designers and former teammates) worked on various aspects of the business plan, presentation and graphics. The entire team worked together while designing the user interface for the main system and the Phone App.

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Innovation Centre, Institite of Technology Campus, Sligo, Ireland